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5 things that you must know to improve your english

This is a summary of 5 things reports from hosted by Dr. Jeff

Millions of high school and college students show up to their English classes in the hopes of learning to communicate in a second language, but most of them will fail, and fail badly.

A few years out of school, and most have forgotten the little they learned in class.
Millions of adults who need to know English for their work, their school, or their travels pay good money for language CDs, books, and expensive software, but still don’t succeed.
Any course, class, textbook, or Internet program that does NOT have all five of these elements is NOT worth your valuable time.

Principle #1: Input
If linguist Noam Chomsky is correct, part of our brain is hardwired (programmed) with a capacity to learn language. We’ll call this part of our brain the Language Acquisition Device (LAD). We all have an LAD, and it works without any sort of conscious effort or practice. Our only job in the process is to activate and “feed” that device, to get that device to work.
Although some people talk metaphorically about “exercising” the brain, Frank Smith reminds us that the brain is an organ, not a muscle. Like your kidney or your stomach, the brain doesn’t have to be “switched on.” You don’t have to “do” anything, per se, to get it to work. Continue Reading

Daily Life

Our kids have to do what they want

Documentaries about education like this video suggest that our education system for kids have a serious problem. I agree that parents should let their kids play as enough as they want. Their brain need to accept everything in the world naturally and their body need to feel everything in the world naturally as well. I sincerely hope our kids’ life as a human is a happy one. All we have to do is letting our kids play freely and helping them being able to think things carefully and also encouraging them to have an ability to enjoy their life for themselves.
However, the reality of their lives is that they have a pressure about studying. They are forced to do everything well they don’t want by their parents. Actually I am convinced that they don’t know why they have to study. In this forced environment how can they enjoy studying and realize joy of studying? How can they find flow about something?

Frankly speaking, I have not been living as well as I said above so that I have been realizing how important are playing and enjoying so far. That’s why now I try to enjoy my life constantly.

I really hope our kids will live and enjoy their lives.


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Daily Life

The way how to study English is changing

The beginning of my learning English was just free conversation with teachers from online English school. It was very exciting to communicate with teachers because the fact that I could talk with them was in itself so amazing. So I tried to increase the number of times being able to attend English classes. I therefore felt getting comfortable talking with foreigners in a degree.

But now after a few months I am realizing a lack of something about English as a language. I therefore decided to change the pattern for learning English.

The first thing is reducing online English classes and talk with some teachers about meaningful topic because I seem to be using only simple words and continue to speak basic sentences over and over again.

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Schubert – 4Impromptus D.935 No.3


I don’t remember when I listened to this impromptu (Impromptu D.935 No.3) at first. My first memory about Schubert’s Impromptus is when I was sixth grade. At the time my father bought music collection of various genres and it contained Schubert’s Impromptu D.899 No.2
Right after I listened to the song, I was fascinated with it. It was like water drop was rolling.
I had listened to this complete impromptus about only 10 short years ago.

This Impromptu is one of them. The main theme resembles a theme from incidental music that Schubert composed for Play Rosamunde, which also appears in the second movement of his 13th string quartet the subtitle is ‘Rosamunde’


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Daily Life

About Doing Blog

I was doing blog between 2004 and 2007. There were some reasons for me to do blog. During the time I was very busy and didn’t have much time to do any other things because I was working as team leader. So we appointed a new team leader and I stepped down from team leader. After then I started looking for things for myself and one of my best choices was reading books. It inspired me so much and I wanted to share something with someone else about what I was inspired from books.

However, I was having a hard time to express myself and something like emotions. I realized that it was really difficult to express my thoughts in writing even in Korean.

Doing blog, in other words, writing is a sort of arts. It is necessary to think over how to convey my thoughts and emotions to other people. Now I therefore am having a hard time to express my thoughts also, especially in English. It seems that I need severalfold effort than before. I believe this is valuable experience, though.


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